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Published on 2nd December 2014

Frogg Café release Admiral’s Picks: Volume 1

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10T Records announces the first in a series of rare digital download-only live performance releases by New York’s esteemed Frogg Café. “The Admiral’s Picks: Volume 1” is now available for immediate download exclusively via 10T Records.

In a year that saw Frogg Café playing 27 shows up and down the East Coast and into Canada, “Admiral’s Picks: Volume 1” displays the band firing on all cylinders. These tracks were all performed live in 2005, from clubs to festivals. Extended flights of improvisation can be heard in “Moon Over My Hammy” and “Another Tsunami,” recorded live at the Oasis in New Paltz, sometime after 2am. The set includes “You Can’t Turn the Air Conditioning Off on a Fat Guy,” a sound-check jam, the world debut of “Dance,” and a rare unfinished “Candy Korn” that segues into “Questions Without Answers.” Additionally, “Happy Ending Shuffle” and “Reluctant Observer” feature what some die-hard Frogg Café fans call their favorite improvisations from the band to date.

“After hours of combing through much material that hadn’t been listened to by the band in close to a decade, we present to you Volume One of a new series of Frogg Cafe discography known as Admiral’s Picks,” says bassist Andrew Sussman. “We’re really excited to be bringing these recordings to our loyal fans.”

“We’re thrilled to bring the first in this planned series of live performances to the fans,” says 10T Records president, Steve Carroll. “Frogg Café has always been regarded as a stellar live performance act and these recordings really bear that truth out! I also think everyone will be very pleased with how affordably-priced we’ve made this full-length release.”

“Admiral’s Picks: Volume 1” by Frogg Café is exclusively available for immediate download on the 10T Records site and is also now available to preview in its entirety exclusively on the Frogg Café artist page on the 10T Records website: HERE

01. You Can’t Turn the Air Conditioning Off on a Fat Guy
02. Admiral’s Intro
03. Moon Over My Hammy
04. Another Tsunami
05. Space Dust
06. Candy Korn
07. Questions Without Answers
08. Happy Ending Shuffle
09. Reluctant Observer
10. Dance
11. Eternal Optimist

Andrew Sussman (Bass, Cello & Vocals)
James Guarnieri (Drums)
Bill Ayasse (Electric Violin, Mandolin & Vocals)
Nick Lieto (Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Trumpet & Flugelhorn)
John Lieto (Trombone)


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