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Published on 8th October 2014

Cuneiform Records releases update

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Cuneiform Records‘ 30th anniversary year continues with their latest set of six releases featuring “6 genre-crossing/defying new albums by artists on two continents”.

Cuneiform 2014

ANTHONY PIROG – Palo Colorado Dream:
Palo Colorado Dream – recorded with the all-star trio of Michael Formanek on bass and Ches Smith on drums – is guitarist Anthony Pirog’s debut solo album, and it marks the young innovator’s entrance onto the national stage. The album’s 11 tracks have an immersive depth and understated allure that hold the listener rapt. And they illustrate all the various realms of Pirog’s artistry: the spinning fantasy-scape of his loops and the hard-nosed technical power of his soloing, his patience with a slow build and his knack for moments of fierce catharsis.

Two years after the release of their impressive debut Sky Bleached, Dylan Ryan/Sand release Circa, a purposeful continuation of the aesthetic that the group had fostered on its first record. Circa, which features guitarist Timothy Young (David Sylvian, Reggie Watts, Wayne Horvitz), bassist Devin Hoff (Nels Cline Singers, Yoko Ono, Cibo Matto) and leader/composer/drummer Dylan Ryan (Herculaneum) has a wholly unique styling, which ranges from the fearlessly improvisational to the tender; the abrasive to the understated.

ROB MAZUREK & BLACK CUBE SP – Return The Tides: Ascension Suite and Holy Ghost:
“I have always thought of the idea of passing as a beautiful thing, in which the soul or life force of the individual is somehow transferred to the immensity and brilliance of the entirety. The idea of Heaven and Hell (and everything inbetween) has always been a hallmark within the limited spectrum of what we humans can come up with and the idea of God or Gods has, for some, been an interesting way of putting a life and circumstances into some kind of mysterious belief system that can at times be fed off of and at times be fed to.”

Cuneiform 2014

The guitar and percussion tracks of Verse were recorded to half-inch tape, after which Jonathan brought in a number of Baltimore musicians to help orchestrate the pieces with wind, brass, voice, reeds and strings. Dueling mezzo sopranos weave light into sparse, cavernous structures. A guitar finds its way alongside a piano. Choirs of trumpets and flugelhorns warn us, but we don’t listen.

The Cellar And Point is an adventurous ‘garage chamber’ band, developed and led by childhood friends Joseph Branciforte and Christopher Botta. They had long imagined a fluid synthesis of their wide-ranging interests: the detail of modern concert music, the improvisational sensibilities of downtown jazz and the emotional directness of rock, combined with the production values of hip-hop and electronica. Might it be possible to draw equally upon these influences, while transcending mere collage and to present it in the context of a working ensemble, not just a studio project? Ambit, the group’s impressive debut album, is one answer to those questions.

HAPPY FAMILY – Minimal Gods:
Happy Family first appeared in the early 1990s as part of the explosion of exciting, underground bands that came roaring out of Japan at that time.

An instrumental quartet of keyboards, guitar, bass and drums, they released two albums of over-the-top, metal, King Crimson & Magma influenced avant-progressive rock for Cuneiform Records in 1995 (Happy Family) & 1997 (Toscco) and then fell silent…


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