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ProgPower Europe 2014

As the sixteenth edition of ProgPower Europe 2014 prepares to kick off this weekend in Baarlo, Limburg (NL), there’s some exciting news as Pain of Salvation announce they will perform their Remedy Lane album in full…

Pain Of Salvation plays Remedy Lane at ProgPower Europe

At ProgPower USA Pain of Salvation played Remedy Lane in full. This was to be an exclusive show, not to be repeated elsewhere. Today Glenn Harveston sent the following message:

“ProgPower is not just a brand name, it is a family. Rene from ProgPower Europe & I have worked together for years to ensure that name truly means something. With the truly understandable recent cancellation of Pagan’s Mind at ProgPower Europe, we all felt the disappointment. However, something could be done to turn things around. While the Pain of Salvation show at this year’s ProgPower USA was always intended to be a once in a lifetime set, it just felt right to ask the band to turn tragedy into triumph given the circumstances. On behalf of everyone at ProgPower USA, we want to wish everyone at ProgPower Europe a great festival with a second stroll down “Remedy Lane.”
You are going to be blown away.
Glenn Harveston
ProgPower USA”

This great gesture, that emphasizes our ties to ProgPower USA, makes it possible for ProgPower Europe to replace Pagan’s Mind in the best possible way:

• Voyager will fill Saturday’s headlining spot, a logical choice as the band has shown to be up for the job in their current tour.
Pain of Salvation will perform their full ‘Remedy Lane’ album on Sunday during their headline show. In the open slot after Saturday’s diner break, Pain Of Salvation will play an extra show with a number of older tracks! This will be a perfect show for old-school fans of the band!

We feel proud that we have found such a great way to turn around the difficult message we had to deliver earlier this week.
Tickets are still available but make sure to order now, if you want to be part of this once of a lifetime experience!

This year’s full line-up:

•VOTUM: 20.00-21.15 hrs
•JOLLY: 22.00-23.45 hrs
•DISPERSE: 13.30-14.30 hrs
•PROSPEKT: 15.00-16.00 hrs
•AEON OF HORUS: 16.30-17.30 hrs
•— diner break —
•PAIN OF SALVATION: 18.30-19.40 hrs
•AEON ZEN: 20.20-21.30 hrs
•VOYAGER: 22.10-23.40 hrs
•CARTOGRAPHER: 13.30-14.30 hrs
•TENEBRIS: 15.00-16.00 hrs
•VULTURE INDUSTRIES: 16.30-17.30 hrs
•— diner break —
•CHIMPSPANNER: 18.30-19.30 hrs
•AGENT FRESCO: 20.00-21.00 hrs
•PAIN OF SALVATION: 21.45-23.30 hrs

About ProgPower Europe
ProgPower Europe is a Progressive Metal festival held in Baarlo, Limburg, The Netherlands. Last year (2013) saw the celebration of 15 years of ProgPower Europe. In its history bands like: Opeth, Anathema, Fates Warning, Shadow Gallery, Symphony X, Evergrey, Threshold, Jon Oliva, Riverside and many, many more have played the festival.

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