Rick Wakeman - Softsword

Rick Wakeman – Softsword

As with previous Rick Wakeman’s works, Softsword takes its concept from medieval English history and here the inspiration is drawn from the life of King John and the events surrounding the signing of the Magna Carta. The album title is derived from John…

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Marco Minnemann - Eeps

Marco Minnemann – Eeps

Should there be any further proof needed as to Marco Minnemann’s undoubtable skills as a musician then this latest solo album provides evidence in abundance. Now his skills as an innovative, world class drummer need no further comment and are well…

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Esthema - Long Goodbye

Esthema – Long Goodbye

With the multitude of releases, increasingly so under the progressive banner, it comes as no surprise that many fine albums drift under the radar. Those of a more unusual, experimental and of a wholly instrumental nature may struggle more than…

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