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Published on 10th August 2014

Mystery release live album

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Canadian progressive rockers Mystery will release their first live CD – released through Unicorn Digital on 1st October 2014.

“Recorded live at the Boerderij Cultuurpodium in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands on May 10th 2013, the new live double-CD album from Mystery features a selection of songs from The World Is a Game, as well as old favorites from their back catalog. It is also the only live recording with ex-band member Benoit David. Other band members include Benoit Dupuis on keyboards, François Fournier on bass, Sylvain Moineau on guitar, Jean-Sébastien Goyette on drums, and band leader Michel St-Père on guitars.”

Mystery - Tales From The Netherlands
CD 1:

01. Unveil The Mystery
02. As I Am
03. Dear Someone
04. Sailing On A Wing
05. Wolf
06. Another Day

CD 2:
01. Pride…
02. Through Different Eyes
03. Time Goes By
04. Travel To The Night
05. The Preacher’s Fall
06. Between Love And Hate

Michel St-Pere – Guitars
Jean Pageau – Vocals
Benoit Dupuis – Keyboards
Francois Fournier – Bass Guitar
Antoine Michaud – Guitars
Jean-Sébastien Goyette – Drums


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