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Published on 25th June 2014

Christian Vander’s Offering release box-set

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Christian Vander’s Seventh Records release a 2CD+DVD box-set from side project Offering. The concerts were recorded at Le Triton (France) between 4th & 6th July 2013 to mark the 30th anniversary of the band’s first appearance. The first Offering concerts took place during October 1983 in Paris and the band went on to release three albums, Offering 1&2 (1986), Offering 3&4 (1990) and Affieh (1993).

In 1983, motivated by a strong artistic desire to return to his roots in the ‘Coltrane’ sound, Christian Vander created the ensemble “Offering” , focused on vocals, keyboards and percussion. More experimental, leaving much more space for improvisation, this group allowed the musicians to explore new avenues.

Thirty years have flown by, removing Offering from the sight and hearing of younger generations. Now they also can benefit from this wonderful “gift” that was “Offering”, Christian Vander and his musicians having decided to celebrate this anniversary by recreating the music with the same enthusiasm of the original. This initiative will delight all fans of the MAGMA experience, regardless of their age.

CD 1
01. Joïa
02. Tilim m dohm
03. Love in the Darkness
04. Auroville

CD 2
01. La nuit du chasseur
02. Les Vagues
03. Another Day, Part 1
04. Et le temps a passé
05. Another Day, Part 2
06. An Bara Wa
07. Ehn Deïss

01. Joïa
02. Tilim m dohm
03. Love in the Darkness
04. Auroville
05. La nuit du chasseur
06. Les Vagues
07. Another Day (Part 1)
08. Et le temps a passé
09. Another Day (Part 2)
10. An Bara Wa
11. Ehn Deïss
12. Earth (Bonus Track)

Christian Vander: vocals, drums
Stella Vander: vocals, percussions, flute
Isabelle Feuillebois : vocals, percussions
Hervé Aknin : vocals, percussions
Frédéric d’Oelsnitz: piano, Fender Rhodes, keyboard, percussions
Tony Paeleman: piano, Fender Rhodes, keyboard, percussions
Jean-Marc Jafet : bass, percussions
Philippe Gleizes: drums
Pierre Marcault: Percussion Master

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