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Published on 5th June 2014

Abel Ganz

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The mighty Abel Ganz return a new studio, the follow up to 2008’s well received Shooting Albatross. The simply titled Abel Ganz will be released on 8th July through the band’s own record label. Joining Denis Smith, Davie Mitchell, Mick Macfarlane, Stevie Donnelly and Jack Webb for this recording is an impressive multitudinous host of guest musicians and vocalists including Jerry Donahue (Fairport Convention), Malcolm Jones (Runrig), Stevie Lawrence & Fiona Cuthill (Rallion).

As a taster for the new album the band have released the delightful Recuerdos video…

Delusions Of Grandeur
Obsolescence Pt.i Sunrise
Obsolescence Pt.ii Evening
Obsolescence Pt.iii Close Your Eyes
Obsolescence Pt.iv The Dream
Obsolescence Pt.v Dawn
End Of Rain
Thank You
A Portion Of Noodles
The Drowning

“After a very lengthy hiatus Abel Ganz re-emerged in 2006 with the release ‘Back from the Zone’ – a compilation of 1980s material plus two, new recordings. Original members Hew Montgomery and Hugh Carter were joined on this release by long-time collaborator and drummer Denis Smith.

A brand new album Shooting Albatross quickly followed in 2008 on the band’s own, newly created record label and was very well received internationally. New, full time members Davie Mitchell, Mick Macfarlane, and Stevie Donnelly came on board to complete this album and flesh out the band’s reinvigorated line up with Denis Smith taking on major recording and production duties for the band.

After two years of gigging and promoting Shooting Albatross the band began making preparations to record their next album. Shortly after work began, Hew Montgomery made the decision that the time had come for him to pursue solo interests and so bowed out. He was replaced by virtuoso Jack Webb who had contributed to Shooting Albatross as a session musician. Nine months later as recording had only just begun in earnest Hugh Carter also retired from the band for geographical reasons.

With work on new album freshly started the decision was made to carry on write and record new album with the blessing and encouragement of Montgomery and Carter.

Entitled simply Abel Ganz the new album makes a deliberate effort to take in new influences and mix them with the old. A genuine attempt has been made to try new things and explore potential new directions. In short – to try and ‘progress’.

Many guest musicians appear on the new album but the band are particularly proud and excited to have worked with the legendary Jerry Donahue and Malcolm Jones [of Scottish folk-rock band Runrig] on the track ‘Thank you’.”


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