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Featured Molly Bloom at FOAD

Published on 2nd April 2014

Molly Bloom release new studio album

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Molly Bloom‘s new studio album, All Pressure, is starting to ship as we write! Formed in 2000, Molly Bloom have always written and performed their own brand of genre defying material – mixing driven aggression and delicate interaction alongside the inventive and the playful.

“Molly Bloom threw a heap of exotic ingredients into the mix, blasting out a unique folk / punk / medieval / metal sound that sets them apart from the hordes of bands intent on being the next Sabbath, or whoever. Playing cheekily with various genres to drive out their own special sound. Subversive and truly original sounding they are a wicked party band and would really suit a festival environment”
Lauren C, Get Your Rock Out

“To spice things up, the Ladybird Tent host their final act, Molly Bloom, a band with a fascinating line-up (flute, classical guitar, drums and bass). As Molly Bloom are especially unique it seems churlish to compare them to any other act, but there are hints of New Model Army and Jethro Tull poured into a bucket of prog and grunge with a gypsy folk and reggae seasoning. It’s exciting, powerful stuff, as the motoring mix of stalwart fans and animated newcomers lap up the dexterity of the guitarist and the snarling melodies of their singer.”
Jon Ashley, Louder Than War

01. Last One Rings Out
02. Run If You Want To
03. Mistress Winter
04. Come Creeping
05. Under The Bed
06. Mollybloom
07. Blood
08. Green Fence
09. If
10. Lock ‘Em Up
11. All Pressure

Andy Hunt – Drums & Vox
Derek Smith – Bass & Vox
Steve Dundon – Vox & Flute
Tyrion Moses – Guitar & Vox

Main Website: Molly Bloom
Social Media: Facebook

Featured image by Mark Watson Jones article on the FOAD Festival.


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