Janel & Anthony

Janel & Anthony announce European dates

Following on from the success of their superb 2012 Cuneiform Records release Where Is Home, cello/guitar/electronic virtuosos Janel & Anthony announce a series of spring European appearances during May.

“In Europe, the duo will perform in a variety of venues ranging from jazz clubs to house shows to a festival, Le Festival Rural de Chateldon in Chateldon, France. Regardless of setting, the duo will immerse themselves and their European audiences in music that is simultaneously unique, captivating and boundary-pushing. Fans of dynamic art, of music that transcends genre boundaries and explores the borders of composition and beauty, should not miss out on these rare and very special Janel and Anthony European performances.

Prior to the Janel and Anthony dates, Janel will be accompanying Marissa Nadler on the Europe leg of her upcoming tour from April 17-29…”

02/05/14: L’entre-deux Cafe – La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland
03/05/14: Kraspek – Lyon, France
04/05/14: La Casa Di Alex – Milan, Italy
06/05/14: Le Zonme – Nice, France
07/05/14: L’Anthropo Asso – Perpignan, France
08/05/14: Amanita Muscaria – Toulouse, France
09/05/14: Le Festival Rural de Châteldon – Châteldon, France
10/05/14: Librairie Compagnon – Grandis, France
12/05/14: Le 108 – Orleans, France
13/05/14: TBA – Paris, France
16/05/14: Mengi – Rekjavik, Iceland
17/05/14: Mengi – Rekjavik, Iceland