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Published on 10th March 2014

Resonance Rock Festival news

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The Resonance Festival organisers have revealed all but two of the acts for the inaugural event which takes place between 31 July and 3rd August 2014. The festival will be held at The Bedford (Balham Globe Theatre), Bedford Hill, SW12 0HE, London…

“Well here we are… We promised to announce the Resonance lineup just about now, and we shall be true to our word… However, 2 major acts of some repute need us to keep quiet for a little while longer. But we can’t sustain the torture any more…So, with the exception of those last “prog-cherries”, our cake is baked. Here it is (in no particular order)”

The Enid, Anglagard (1st ever UK show), Lifesigns, Henry Fool, Anna Phoebe, Synaesthesia, Maschine, The Fierce And The Dead, Trojan Horse, Mont Campbell & Kalamus (ex Egg), Credo, The Gift, Parastatic, Mr So & So, Halo Tora, Also Eden, Aeon Zen, ThumperMonkey, HekZ, Francis Lickerish’s ‘Secret Green’, Matt Stevens, Luna Rossa, Alan Reed, Guy Manning, KingBathmat, Jack Arthurs, Amelia Scalies, Triage, Weird Shapes, The Tirith, Twisted Melons, Jupiter Falls, X-Ray Quartet, Moheir (Italy), Fuzzy Nautilus, I Am Your Autopilot, The Far Meadow, Unto Us, Rat Face Lewey, Mothers’ Ruin, Red Letters, Stella+

Visit the Resonance Festival Facebook Page to read the full press release…


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