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Published on 18th February 2014

Camel 2014 tour line-up change

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Due to ill health Guy LeBlanc will now sadly not be performing with Camel next month. This follows recent news that, after Camel’s short tour next month, Andy Latimer will be undergoing surgery on his knee and all subsequent gigs are on hold. However next month’s UK and European dates will proceed as planned, however in a statement on the Camel website

“Camel are so very disappointed to announce that, due to ill health, keyboardist Guy LeBlanc will not perform on the March 2014 tour. We already miss our friend’s influence and his place
within Camel will be waiting for his return.

Ton Scherpenzeel has agreed to step in as keyboardist on the tour to help Camel keep the show on the road. We are deeply grateful for the love and support from Ton whom fans will remember not only from his own band ‘Kayak’ but also from the European segment of Camel’s 2003 Farewell tour. A great player and a great friend who has responded in our hour of need.”

A Message from Guy:

One of the greatest joys of my life was the opportunity to join Camel for the comeback/Retirement Sucks tour  of 2013.  The whole thing was an amazing experience; performing this music for all the wonderful people who came to all the shows.  The positive emotions felt throughout transcended mere words, and the camaraderie and joviality within the band and crew still evokes smiles from my lips on a daily basis.

Since being diagnosed with an allegedly incurable renal cancer that has metastasized in my bones, I’ve been undergoing radiation treatment, to which it seems I’ve responded well.  I’ve also been taking a drug to try shrinking the tumours (best case scenario) in order to buy me more time in this mortal coil.

I had hoped to be in a stable course of treatment so I could join my buddies again for the March tour, which is now upon us, but developments in the last couple of weeks have made it necessary for me to bow out of this tour so that I may focus on my recovery and the recommendations of my doctors.

I’m so glad that Ton has agreed to do this, and also very relieved.  It saddens me deeply that I will not see my friends, but the love and support I’ve received gives me strength and I look forward to seeing everyone again once this hurdle is passed.

Love, Guy L”


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