Daniel Gildenlow update from Roine

Updated on 17/01/14: Roine Stolt updates the recent announcement regarding Daniel Gildenlow:

“To avoid any speculations – Daniel is hospitalized – “The issues” that keeps him from joining Transatlantic on the American shows – are medical issues. I’ve spoken to him today and he is OK – but it will be a few weeks to full recovery. In time he may let you know details (or not) but let’s just say he was in a very dangerous place just yesterday. (aggressive bacteria) We’re relieved that he returned from the twilight zone and he will now need rest and to be under observation – so a tour and frequent flights, early mornings and exposure to bacterial all sorts is not a good idea. Daniel is looking forward to meet you all – and rest assured he will give you 100% once he is fully recovered. We aim at the PROG cruise. That’s the plan. Until then Ted Leonard (Spocks Beard) will join Transatlantic . Send your good vibes to both Daniel – his family & Ted who was gracious to fill in at short notice.

Original post 15/01/14: “We are saddened to announce that because of some personal issues that have unfortunately arisen, Daniel Gildenlow will not be able to join us for the first half of the upcoming Transatlantic tour.”

However, coming to our rescue will be Ted Leonard of Spock’s Beard/Enchant to help us out and step in as Transatlantic’s 5th touring member

Ted will be standing in until Daniel is able to come join back up with us… (we are hoping that will be for the Progressive Nation at Sea cruise and the European tour, but only time will tell…)

In the meantime, please help us wish Daniel all the best and welcome aboard Ted!”