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Published on 2nd December 2013

Eloy to release double live album

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Eloy, who celebrate their 45th anniversary next year are set to release a live double CD, Reincarnation On Stage, covered in a high value 8-page digi-pack, on 17th January 2014…

“Dear Eloy Friends, the mixes for the documentary of our live tour 2012/13 are finally finished. Unfortunately, it took a little longer because we needed corresponding studio time for the preparation of so much song material, which, due to capacity constraints and our own availability, had to be done in several stages. So the whole thing has gone on for some months, although we can already promise you that the effort was worth it!

Even while listening to all the concert footage we were aware of what a unique, almost magical atmosphere we shared with you throughout the tour, and it was often difficult to pick out the best version of each track for our live documentary.

But there was always, ultimately a definitive take, the absolute highlight of the tour, which has now found its way on tape. I have put my back into the work in order to draw out every subtlety in the mixing of each track, which possibly in the Wall of Sound at the respective venues was not always clear and defined enough to be heard everywhere.”



1. Namaste [2:49]
2. Child Migration [5:26]
3. Paralized Civilization [7:56]
4. Mysterious Monolith [6:40]
5. Age Of Insanity [7:12]
6. The Apocalypse [11:09]
7. Silhouette [3:58]
8. Poseidon’s Creation [11:24]
9. Time To Turn [4:20]
10. The Sun-Song [5:11]
11. Horizons [4:09]
12. Illuminations [6:30]

01. Follow The Light [8:00]
02. Awakening Of Consciousness [5:55]
03. The Tides Return Forever [7:03]
04. Ro Setau [7:02]
05. Mystery [8:58]
06. Decay Of Logos [8:20]
07. Atlantis’ Agony At June 5th 8498,
13 p.m. Gregorian Earthtime [7:55]
08. The Bells Of Notre Dame [5:49]
09. Thoughts [1:40]

Band Members:

Frank Bornemann (lead vocals, guitar)
Michael Gerlach (keyboards)
Hannes Folberth (keyboards)
Klaus-Peter Matziol (bass)
Bodo Schopf (drums, percussion)

Steve Mann (guitar)
Alexandra Seubert (vocals)
Tina Lux (backing vocals)
Anke Renner (backing vocals)


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