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Published on 22nd November 2013

Mike Keneally Sluggo! deluxe editions

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Mike KeneallyEarlier this year Mike Keneally released his 24th solo album, the excellent You Must Be This Tall. In December however Mike is set rerelease his 1997 album Sluggo!. The album has been remixed, extensively repackaged, available in four formats and featuring a host of bonus material. CLICK HERE to read the options available.

Mike who played guitar and keyboards with Frank  Zappa as part of his last touring band. Multi-instrumentalist Mike is currently part of the Joe Satriani touring band. His résumé also includes Robert Fripp, Kevin Gilbert, Andy Partridge, Chickenfoot, Henry Kaiser, Michael Manring, Mullmuzzler and the list goes on. In fact the recording for Sluggo! back in 1996 was done during gaps in between touring commitments with Steve Vai.

Featured track here is the wonderful Egg Zooming and features Mike Mangini on drums and Bryan Beller on bass…


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