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Published on 15th October 2013

Airbag Album No3

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Airbag are ready to release their new album called ’The Greatest Show on Earth’. This is their third album on Karisma Records and after two highly acclaimed albums, ‘Identity’ (2009) and ‘All Rights Removed’ (2011), the new release is of course a much-anticipated album. Airbag are continuing their journey through atmospheric sounds and serious topics, creating cinematic pictures and bringing out emotions, pulling the listener into their world. ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ is a cohesive album with strong emphasis on musical themes and arrangements. The listener is treated to a wide sonic experience, from massive walls of sound to ambient textures and soulful soundscapes. The lyrics deal with the individual and its growing feeling of alienation and distrust in society and the established authorities. At the same time, we are manipulated and kept in a comfortable state of mind, believing we’re in control of our self-centered lives.


Bjørn Riis (guitars, keyboards, backing vocals, bass, co-producer), Asle Tostrup (vocals, keyboards, programming, producer, graphic design), Henrik Fossum (drums), Jørgen Hagen (programming, keyboards) and Anders Hovdan (bass), together with engineer and co-producer Vegard Sleipnes, have with ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ managed to raise the music of Airbag to the next level. It has taken about 18 months to finish this album, but quality and musical craftsmanship are the essence in this production. This is a record that is a bit rougher and with some heavier parts than before, but still giving us the classic Airbag sound…

Airbag album coverTracklisting:
1. Surveillance [part 1] (2:23)
2. Redemption (7:02)
3. Silence Grows (5:54)
4. Call Me Back (11.15)
5. The Greatest Show On Earth (7:02)
6. Surveillance [part 2-3] (16:45)

Bjørn Riis (guitars, keyboards, bass & backing vocals)
Asle Tostrup (vocals, keyboards & programming)
Henrik Fossum (drums)
Jørgen Hagen (programming & keyboards)
Anders Hovdan (bass)


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