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Published on 29th September 2013

Caravan to headline at RoSfest

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Updated – 29th September 2013:
Caravan to play in the USA in 2014

The Band are delighted to announce that they are to Headline one of the nights at next years RoSfest in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
This is a fantastic festivaland the band can’t wait to play the first USA date under the current line-up.
Twelve years have gone by since Caravan had their last triumphant return to the US at Nearfest. That concert was quite the historical event and artistic triumph, and we suspect that when they appear at RoSfest on May 2nd 2014 it will be an event just as magnificent. That Caravan will be promoting their first new studio album since 2003 the proverbial icing on the cake. We just hope that they manage to bring along enough copies for the sales table, for their sake as well as their fans. It is a truly great pleasure to announce the appearance of living legends Caravan at RoSfest, and we’re counting the days to their appearance at Gettysburg just as eagerly as their most dedicated fans.

Update – 11th September 2013:
New Studio Album from Caravan!

Pye Hastings has revealed that the new Caravan studio album will be recorded in Canterbury later this year. He also commented that he was looking forward to recording the “overdue a new studio album with this current line-up”. He also talks about the funding for the latest release through Pledge Music.

“To explain, PledgeMusic allows us to release this album directly to you, cutting out the middle men and cutting down the time between recording and release. It means you’ll be getting the new album before it goes into the shops. As a Pledger you will be basically pre-ordering the album and there will be a wide range of exclusive and limited edition items and experiences available just to you.

There’ll be signed CDs of the new album, signed Vinyl, T-shirts, LIVE recordings of the back catalogue, the opportunity to visit the studio to BE on the album, and a special Album Launch gig later this year, PLUS get your hands on Pye Hastings’ very own Stratocaster which he used to write the songs.”

Source: [Caravan website]



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