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Published on 13th September 2013

KBB return with Age Of Pain

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A release that may have slipped under the progressive radar is the fourth studio album from Japan’s KBB. Released in August 2013, Age Of Pain follows up the excellent Proof Of Concept (2007) and the formidable Four Corner’s Sky (2003). Featuring Akihisa Tsuboy (violin), Toshimitsu Takahashi (keyboards), Dani (bass) and Shiro Sugano (drums) the band return in splendid form…

Age Of Pain (Diskunion: ARC-1162)

1. Larks In The Air
2. Suspicious Forest
3. Age Of Pain
4. Vertical Divided Alone Man
5. Termites Daydream
6. Lythrum
7. Kernel
8. My Restless Heart


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