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Published on 29th August 2013

Blim ~ 20th anniversay remasters

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UK based Blim release fully re-mastered and repackaged versions of their Zero (1992) and No Frills (1993) albums. Blim was formed circa 1990 by drummer Neil Spragg and Andy Read (Omnia Opera) and the original albums were released in cassette formats. The 20th Anniversary Edition is a 150 minute double CD in a gatefold glossy card wallet, including 7 previously unreleased bonus tracks.

The album is available on Blim’s Bandcamp page HERE.

Band members on Zero are:
Andy Read – Guitars
Ben ‘BJ’ Gardiner – Bass
Neil Spragg (Sir Real) – Drums, Voice
Tony Child (Surgeon) – Wibbles, Tapes, FX, Samples
Phil Cook – Saxophone, Voice
Nigel Pugh – Flute, Keyboards

Band members on No Frills are:
Andy Read – Guitars, Vocals
Robert Illesh – Bass, Vocals, Mandolin, Keyboards
Neil Spragg (Sir Real) – Drums
Tony Child (Surgeon) – Tapes, Wibbles, FX, Samples, Keyboards


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