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Published on 27th August 2013

Taylor’s Universe release Evidence

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Denmark’s Taylor’s Universe are soon going to complete the recording sessions for their new album, “Evidence”. Taylor’s Universe first came to life in 1993, and the new album will become their 13th release since their selftitled debut in 1994. Taylor’s Universe have a growing reputation throughout the world with many fine words in the international media.

Saxophonist Karsten Vogel (of Burnin Red Ivanhoe and Secret Oyster fame) has been with the band almost all along the way, and now he’s sharing duties with guitarist Claus Bøhling (also a member of Secret Oyster). No coincidence, as Secret Oyster were one of leader Robin Taylor’s biggest influences in the 1970s…

Still Taylor’s Universe is the brainchild of Mr. Taylor, with influences from all over the musical landscape.

This album – hopefully to be released in October – will feature the following line-up:

Karsten Vogel: Saxophones
Claus Bøhling: Guitar
Thomas Ulstrup: Synthesizers
Robin Taylor: Keyboards, guitar, basses, percussion etc.
Klaus Thrane: Drums

1. Buildings (14:55)
2. Red Afternoon (11:52)
3. Marie Marolle (9:22)
4. Forever And A Day (7:48)

Source: [Marvel of Beauty Records]


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