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Published on 21st August 2013

Thieve’s Kitchen limited vinyl release

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Thieves Kitchen ~ One For Sorrow, Two For JoyThieve’s Kitchen release  a limited run of their One For Sorrow, Two For Joy which we album released earlier in the year. The album has been remixed for vinyl by Rob Aubrey and features re-designed the artwork “to take advantage of the formats bigger size”.

“Each individually numbered package is presented as two 12” records each running at 45rpm for the ultimate in vinyl audio fidelity.”

Boss of Plane Groovy, Chris Topham takes up the story:-

“I try to listen to everything recommended to me by those whose opinions I value, so when I was told about the new Thieves’ Kitchen album I was intrigued, particularly as Rob Aubrey was also involved; once I heard it I was hooked! These are songs that seem to reveal something new with every play.

For anyone who doubts that vinyl can sound “special,” our doors are always open; come on over to the Plane Groovy HQ and have a listen. The dark days of albums popping and crackling are long gone; nowadays everything we put out is on virgin vinyl and it sounds sublime.

I have always loved my “real” job as a pilot, but vinyl is my passion and Thieves’ Kitchen is now an integral part of that passion!”

Phil Mercy adds:-

“I can’t tell you how thrilled we were that Chris and Plane Groovy wanted to release “One for Sorrow, Two for Joy” on Vinyl. Chris has an amazing ear, and only great music recorded to the highest standards makes it onto the Plane Groovy label. We remastered the album specifically for this vinyl release to allow even more of the natural dynamics to come through. Those who turn to vinyl to experience true dynamics, and a natural band sound, should love what the format does for this music.”

The vinyl edition of One For Sorrow, Two For Joy is be released 26 August 2013 via Plane Groovy…”


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