Peter Hammill and Gary Lucas

Hammill & Lucas release in 2014

Peter Hammill and Gary Lucas will release their collaborative album ‘Otherworld’, through Esoteric Antenna, on 3rd February 2014.

“OK, the next CD release will be… the duo project with Gary Lucas. It’s going to be on Esoteric and it’ll be out in February 2014. More news closer to the date!” [PH]

“This record combines two of the most unique and original talents in music. Peter Hammill’s work as an imaginative solo artist and with Van Der Graaf Generator has earned respect and praise globally, whilst Gary Lucas has been hailed as “The Thinking Man’s guitar hero” by New Yorker magazine and is known for his solo work (as one the World’s most original guitarists) and his work with Captain Beefheart.” [Esoteric Antenna]