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Pearls Of Swines - Pearls Of Swines

Pearls Of Swines – Pearls Of Swines

Published on 15th November 2014 | by Roger Trenwith

The last album I reviewed that involved the ever-busy and highly talented eclectic bass wrangler Frederick Galiay was Apokálupsis by Big (drum&bass), but Pearls Of Swines could not be more different. Apokálupsis was a strange and... Read More

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Pink Floyd - The Endless River

Pink Floyd – The Endless River

Published on 12th November 2014 | by The Progressive Aspect

It was during the recording of Pink Floyd’s last album “The Division Bell” back in ’94 that they also recorded a number of pieces for an unfinished ambient album that went under the working title of... Read More

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Wrupk Urei – Kõik Saab Korda

Wrupk Urei – Kõik Saab Korda

Published on 7th November 2014 | by Roger Trenwith

In a departure for AltrOck, a label normally associated with the more avant end of the progressive spectrum, Estonian band Wrupk Urei have crafted a highly individual instrumental palette that dips its brush into space rock,... Read More

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Minor Giant - On The Road

Minor Giant – On The Road

Published on 26th October 2014 | by Brian McAllister

I’ve now spent quite a few weeks, on and off, trying to put together a comprehensive and well considered review of this album and I have to admit that what I’ve ended up with is neither,... Read More

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Moraine - Groundswell

Moraine – Groundswell

Published on 21st October 2014 | by Roger Trenwith

I would imagine if you were one of a mere 297 souls living on a tiny island group whose main and probably only claim to fame is that it is the most remote inhabited archipelago in... Read More

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