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Lorenzo Feliciati - Koi

Lorenzo Feliciati ‎– Koi

Published on 12th July 2015 | by Bob Mulvey

In 2014 my colleague Roger Trenwith, here at TPA, covered the collaborative Twinscapes release from multi instrumentalist, composer and arranger Lorenzo Feliciati along with Porcupine Tree bass man Colin Edwin. An absorbing album on many levels,... Read More

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The Skys - Colour in the Desert

The Skys – Colours of the Desert

Published on 11th July 2015 | by Tony Colvill

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this, a Lithuanian band who played at the HRH Prog weekend in North Wales and were recommended by a friend as one of the better live acts. So,... Read More

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Braindance - Master of Disguise

Braindance – Master of Disguise

Published on 8th July 2015 | by Tony Colvill

Braindance have been around for a while and Master of Disguise is their fourth album. The press blurb rather precociously states that they are “a visionary New York City project”. I cannot say that I agree... Read More

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iamthemorning - Belighted

Iamthemorning – Belighted

Published on 6th July 2015 | by Tony Colvill

Pastoral, elegant, folk, rock, jazz, overall relaxed and relaxing. This was expected, but nevertheless it is surprising. Rich textures, ambient sounds and all on a summer’s day, as they might say. Iamthemorning have been around for... Read More

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Taylor’s Universe – From Scratch

Taylor’s Universe – From Scratch

Published on 1st July 2015 | by Roger Trenwith

Linking nicely with my earlier review of the reissue of Burnin Red Ivanhoe’s W.W.W. is the latest album from the prolific Danish band Taylor’s Universe, amongst whose number is none other than the Ivanhoe’s veteran sax... Read More

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Roland Buhlmann - Aineo

Roland Bühlmann – Aineo

Published on 30th June 2015 | by Tony Colvill

Back in 1972 Mike Oldfield went into the Manor Studios and recorded Tubular Bells, huge sound desk, multiple instruments and copious recording engineers. Now the likelihood is that a singular artist will record in the back... Read More

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Vennart - The Demon Joke

Vennart – The Demon Joke

Published on 27th June 2015 | by Jez Rowden

It’s probably hard to dance to but I wouldn’t know about that. What I do know is that Vennart’s The Demon Joke is a great listen. I want music to captivate my mind and soul and... Read More

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William D. Drake - Revere Reach

William D. Drake – Revere Reach

Published on 26th June 2015 | by Jez Rowden

Take a swathe of eccentricity of the Very English kind, a keening sense of melody, mix in a wide spread of acoustic instrumentation with wielders who know how to get the best out of them, add... Read More

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