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Gizmo - Marlowe's Children

Gizmo – Marlowe’s Children

Published on 27th December 2015 | by Roger Trenwith

Not heard of Gizmo? Well, as I do not wish to spend too much time repeating myself, I suggest you read the long and hopefully not too rambling intro to my review of the Canterbury band’s... Read More

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Rêve Général – Howl

Rêve Général – Howl

Published on 26th December 2015 | by Roger Trenwith

Entering stage left, Rêve Général arrive fully formed with a Euro spring in their step, offering the huddled masses a new take on a surprisingly well populated, if largely unnoticed forest track off the main drag... Read More

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TPA Pick of 2015

Published on 24th December 2015 | by The Progressive Aspect

2015, as with most years I suppose, has been a year of highs and lows in the world of progressive music. From the peaks of the return home of King Crimson to the troughs of the... Read More

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Kyros - Beta EP

Kyros / Synaesthesia – Beta EP

Published on 22nd December 2015 | by Leo Trimming

Beta is a limited release E.P. which is simultaneously the last ever release by Synaesthesia whilst at the same time being the first ever release Kyros. An alternate title could be ‘Janus’ for the God with... Read More

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Djam Karet - Swamp of Dreams

Djam Karet – Swamp of Dreams

Published on 20th December 2015 | by Roger Trenwith

Let’s take a trip backwards through time and space with those rather groovy veteran American spacerockers Djam Karet. Trawling the floating cosmic debris and detritus keyboard player Gayle Ellett has caught some real gems in his... Read More

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Rhys Marsh - The Black Sun Shining

Rhys Marsh – The Black Sun Shining

Published on 19th December 2015 | by Phil Lively

Without wishing to cover old ground and to answer the question “who is Rhys Marsh”, I’d recommend reading my reviews of the beautifully realised Heartbreak In ((Stereo)) album by Mollmaskin, and also Rhys’s prior solo album,... Read More

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Sonar - Black Light

Sonar – Black Light

Published on 16th December 2015 | by Roger Trenwith

Sonar are a Swiss band consisting of two guitars, bass and drums, and they play progressive music that uses contrapuntal polyrhythms entwined with precise melody and counter melody to create an intense rising tide of minimalistic... Read More

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Maybeshewill - Fair Youth

Maybeshewill – Fair Youth

Published on 15th December 2015 | by Rob Fisher

Fair Youth is a delightful surprise which is both totally refreshing and unremittingly optimistic. This fourth studio release from the self-confessed ‘DIY’ five-piece band from Leicester sees them attempting to create “a musical solution to dealing... Read More

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Guy Garvey - Courting The Squall

Guy Garvey – Courting the Squall

Published on 13th December 2015 | by Tony Colvill

After 25 years in a band a little solo excursion might be expected. Guy Garvey is frontman for Elbow who are, for those of you who never stray from the intricate long piece progressive environment, a... Read More

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