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Thank You Scientist – Terraformer

Thank You Scientist – Terraformer

Published on 28th July 2019 | by Bob Mulvey

Oops… they did it again! Yep Thank You Scientist return with another collection of sure fire dance floor fillers aimed at the supple and multi-jointed. ‘Strictly’ not for the feint-hearted, but rather music designed for those... Read More

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Mindspeak – Eclipse Chaser

Mindspeak – Eclipse Chaser

Published on 27th July 2019 | by Graham Thomas

This is a new band to my ears, and as this is only their second album, I suspect new to many of us. Mindspeak are a young band, occupying the heavier end of the Prog spectrum,... Read More

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Pere Ubu – The Long Goodbye

Pere Ubu – The Long Goodbye

Published on 24th July 2019 | by Roger Trenwith

There are few if any bands that made such a significant contribution to the nihilistic and dizzily creative first wave of post-punk experimentalism as Cleveland’s Pere Ubu, the mighty PiL apart, of course. Like most Brits,... Read More

A Different Aspect

ADA#29 - A Different Aspect

A Different Aspect #29

Published on 20th July 2019 | by The Progressive Aspect

In this update we feature: > A Sweet Niche – WIRES > Vola – Applause Of A Distant Crowd > Trojan Horse – Wicker EP] > Jumble Hole Clough – A king finding a croissant amusing... Read More

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Elder - The Gold & Silver Sessions

Elder – The Gold & Silver Sessions

Published on 16th July 2019 | by Shawn Dudley

I’m learning to never underestimate Elder. In my review of their last studio album, the masterful Reflections Of A Floating World, I spent a fair amount of time detailing how quickly and impressively their music has... Read More

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Djam Karet - A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof

Djam Karet – A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof

Published on 14th July 2019 | by Graham Thomas

Anyone already familiar with Californian instrumentalists Djam Karet (pronounced Jam Care-Ray), will know what to expect from this, their latest release. There is a welcome familiarity about the way they go about creating music. It will... Read More

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Queensrÿche - The Verdict

Queensrÿche – The Verdict

Published on 13th July 2019 | by David Ryan

My introduction to Queensrÿche was Operation: Mindcrime, a stellar progressive metal album, and an amazing experience. Following the creation of that album, in 1988, the band went on to write significantly more accessible music, and even... Read More

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Iamthemorning - The Bell

Iamthemorning – The Bell

Published on 12th July 2019 | by Magnus Moar

Last year’s studio concert Ocean Sounds felt like a line drawn under Iamthemorning’s first three albums and, on its release, the band announced that 2019 would see the arrival of their fourth full studio album. That... Read More

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Jon Anderson – 1000 Hands: Chapter One

Jon Anderson – 1000 Hands: Chapter One

Published on 9th July 2019 | by Mel Allen

Musical legend that is Jon Anderson releases a new album which has been thirty years in the making. There will be a lot of debate regarding this album, comments like, ‘well it’s not Yes’, ‘all his... Read More

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