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Phil Collins - Not Dead Yet

Phil Collins – Not Dead Yet [Book Review]

Published on 15th April 2017 | by Rob Fisher

Time and public perception have been neither kind nor entirely fair to Phil Collins. A hugely impressive song-writer, musician, performer and (to a lesser extent) actor, his prolific success in the mid ’90s made him an... Read More

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Magenta - We Are Legend

Magenta – We Are Legend

Published on 13th April 2017 | by Leo Trimming

“Mirror your World through my Touch…Set me Free, oh Set me Free” These words, from the song Colours on Magenta’s new We Are Legend album, are about Vincent Van Gogh, but they could also describe the... Read More

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The Bob Lazar Story - Baritonia

The Bob Lazar Story – Baritonia

Published on 10th April 2017 | by Jez Rowden

“Soft, lilting melodies of delicate gossamer loveliness blow through the spring flowers, like a breath of sunshine, giving a relaxing air of calmness…” …is not something that you would hear said about any release from The... Read More

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Big Hogg - Gargoyles

Big Hogg – Gargoyles

Published on 8th April 2017 | by Roger Trenwith

Following my eye-catching review of their debut album, how could those strangely comprehensible Glaswegians Big Hogg fail to be noticed by the big boys down in That London? Quite easily in all probability, but in the... Read More

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Telepathy - Tempest

Telepathy – Tempest

Published on 7th April 2017 | by Shawn Dudley

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” – from Shakespeare’s The Tempest The sleeper awakens into a world he no longer recognizes. The ruined landscape spread out before him, laid waste by the hellish... Read More

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Richard Barbieri – Planets + Persona

Richard Barbieri – Planets + Persona

Published on 6th April 2017 | by Roger Trenwith

Richard Barbieri is a name that needs little introduction, but on his occasional solo albums he calls on his long career in synthesiser technology and sound design to craft highly intricate ambient works that never fall... Read More

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SBP - Contact Part Three

Summer Breeze Project – Contact: Part 3

Published on 5th April 2017 | by Basil Francis

Dutch progressive outfit Summer Breeze Project – often shortened to SBP – complete their Contact “triptych” (their word, not mine) of EPs with Part 3, a single track lasting over 25 minutes, automatically making it longer... Read More

A Different Aspect

A Different Aspect #7 – April 2017

Published on 5th April 2017 | by The Progressive Aspect

In this update we feature:- Mike Oldfield – Return To Ommadawn Ikarus – Chronosome Ale Bruckman’s Zaedyus Project – Patagonia North Atlantic Oscillation – Lightning Strikes The Library TesseracT – Errai EP Flicker Rate – Reframe... Read More

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