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Pixie Ninja – Ultrasound

Pixie Ninja – Ultrasound

Published on 29th January 2018 | by Mel Allen

The flow of great music coming out of Norway continues with this excellent debut release from Pixie Ninja, who hail from Rognan in the north of the country. OK, let’s deal with the name first; it... Read More

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Strawbs – The Ferryman’s Curse

Strawbs – The Ferryman’s Curse

Published on 28th January 2018 | by Andrew Halley

It’s been eight long years since the more folky Dancing To The Devil’s Beat was released, but to use the parlance of the terraces, The Ferryman’s Curse is a return to form, at least for fans... Read More

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Hitiro - Hitiro

Hitiro – Hitiro

Published on 26th January 2018 | by Bob Mulvey

For me, this self-titled release turned out to be one of the most enjoyable releases of 2017! With scarcely a mention anywhere, it arrived without a fanfare of hyperbolic furore, on the contrary, happenstance played a... Read More

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Ursus X - Orion

Ursus X – Orion

Published on 25th January 2018 | by Leo Trimming

Orion is the first album by the Swedish duo Ursus X, comprising Bjorn Johansson and Staffan Luckander, and takes us into a rather beguiling instrumental journey with two ‘side long’ slabs of music, full of intricate... Read More

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Nine Skies - Return Home

Nine Skies – Return Home

Published on 24th January 2018 | by John Wenlock-Smith

What initially attracted me to this CD was the fabulously evocative sleeve. It caught my attention and intrigued me enough to investigate it further. Nine Skies are a French Progressive Rock band from the Southern city... Read More

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Colosseum - Valentyne Suite

Colosseum – Valentyne Suite

Published on 23rd January 2018 | by Mel Allen

What more can one say about Colosseum? Their place in the history of jazz rock fusion is well known and deserved. Esoteric Recordings continue their re-releases of classic albums with Colosseum’s highly praised second album, Valentine... Read More

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Victim Of Illusion - Invisible Light

Victim of Illusion – Invisible Light

Published on 21st January 2018 | by Rob Fisher

In the hustle and bustle of daily life it is all too easy to become distracted, overwhelmed and in the ceaseless noise which perpetually surrounds us, to lose our way. The continual clamour of social media,... Read More

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Mimi Schell - Heliodor

Mimi Schell – Heliodor

Published on 21st January 2018 | by Professor Mark

I have been a fan of the voice and music of Hamburg’s Miriam “Mimi” Schell since first hearing her on the 2001 Force of Gravity album from German band Sylvan where she sang Midnight Sun an... Read More

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Goblin Rebirth - Alive

Goblin Rebirth – Alive

Published on 19th January 2018 | by Kevan Furbank

They live! They live! Goblin are reborn – hence the name – with the original rhythm section on a fabulous live album that pumps 2,000 volts into the band’s classic instrumentals. Recorded live in Rome in... Read More

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