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Shineback – Dial

Shineback – Dial

Published on 16th September 2018 | by Phil Lively

Do you remember 2013? Here are some fun facts about that year: Natalie Coleman won Masterchef, Jorge Mario Bergoglio won Best New Pope and the words “twerk” and “selfie” were added to the dictionary. Notable and... Read More

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Mass Sky Raid - Science of Fiction

Mass Sky Raid – Science of Fiction

Published on 11th September 2018 | by Professor Mark

Mass Sky Raid, like Karnivool, are an Australian progressive/alternative rock band, and the similarity does not end their, as musical there is a close likeness to Karnivool, which is a great thing, but they also share... Read More

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Public Service Broadcasting – Every Valley

Public Service Broadcasting – Every Valley

Published on 9th September 2018 | by Dave Cookson

Public Service Broadcasting’s third long player Every Valley, follows a similar path to 2015’s The Race for Space in that the album is centred around a theme (or ’concept’ if you like!), but this time the... Read More

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Jon Gillespie - The Runner

Jon Gillespie – The Runner

Published on 7th September 2018 | by Professor Mark

I recently found Jon Gillespie’s The Runner on CD Baby and I’m glad I as it has become one of my favourites of the year. Jon has an amazing voice, a wonderful combination of the highs... Read More

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Mystery - Lies and Butterflies

Mystery – Lies and Butterflies

Published on 6th September 2018 | by Rob Fisher

C’mon. We’ve all been there (and if we haven’t, this is about to get embarrassing!). Lights out, headphones on, heart rate elevated, breathing laboured. There you are, triumphant, taking the plaudits of the ecstatic audience. “Thank... Read More

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NoSound - Allow Yourself

NoSound – Allow Yourself

Published on 4th September 2018 | by Professor Mark

As NoSound prepare to release their sixth studio album, the band has re-invented its sound for Allow Yourself. Now relocated to England, band leader Giancarlo Erra is a little apprehensive about how the new album will... Read More

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3-2 - The Rules Have Changed

3.2 – The Rules Have Changed

Published on 2nd September 2018 | by Magnus Moar

Thirty years ago, Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer teamed up with singer and multi-instrumentalist Robert Berry to form ‘3’. With Berry contributing vocals and bass to their debut, To The Power Of Three…, fans could be... Read More

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Southern Empire - Civilisation

Southern Empire – Civilisation

Published on 1st September 2018 | by Rob Fisher

Although I generally make a point of spending significant amounts of time with the albums I review, nevertheless it is rare that I find myself quite so resistant to putting pen to paper or, more accurately,... Read More

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The Pineapple Thief – Dissolution

Published on 31st August 2018 | by Tony Colvill

Dissolution: the breakups, the heartaches, the dark side of the relationship, our all too human issues with technology and social media, open dissolution in a public forum. Heavy fodder for an album of music but delivered... Read More

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