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Kaipa - Children of the Sounds

Kaipa – Children of the Sounds

Published on 9th September 2017 | by Mel Allen

Swedish progressive rock band Kaipa return with their thirteenth album, Children of the Sounds. Formed in 1973 and now led by original member Hans Lundin, they released their debut album in 1975. This is their eighth... Read More

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White Moth Black Butterfly - Atone

White Moth Black Butterfly – Atone

Published on 4th September 2017 | by Rob Fisher

The arresting image of rutting stags, antlers locked in a dramatic contest for dominance and control, provides a thoughtfully reflective and emotionally perceptive insight into the contrasts which lie at the heart of this beautifully elegant... Read More

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Plastic Noose – Desolation

Published on 2nd September 2017 | by Bob Mulvey

In 2014 TPA reviewed Fractured Despondency, the second release from Edinburgh based project Plastic Noose, which despite some early misgivings at the time, turned out to be a damn fine album – especially the sixteen minute... Read More

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Drifting Sun - Twilight

Drifting Sun – Twilight

Published on 1st September 2017 | by Tony Colvill

In the beginning was the dark, a little Thin Lizzy, a touch of Muse, a smidgen of Marillion and a soupçon of Queen. Yes, there are other influences from the history of Prog, but this is... Read More

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My Tricksy Spirit - My Tricksy Spirit

My Tricksy Spirit – My Tricksy Spirit

Published on 31st August 2017 | by Roger Trenwith

My Tricksy Spirit is a project started by songwriter Nick Gray at London University’s School Of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS), ably assisted by kindred spirits and fellow alumni. If Alan Freeman was still with us,... Read More

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Touch – Touch

Published on 30th August 2017 | by Basil Francis

When searching for your next prog fix, you can never tell when you’ll uncover a true gem. You certainly can’t expect it to come from a tiny record shop in Bayswater priced at a measly £5.... Read More

A Different Aspect

A Different Aspect 8 - Aug 2017

A Different Aspect #8 – August 2017

Published on 29th August 2017 | by The Progressive Aspect

In this update we feature:- Equally Stupid – Escape from the Unhappy Society Mammoth – Deviations The Howard Hughes Suite – Stereochrome Jamie Saft, Steve Swallow, Bobby Previte – Loneliness Road Cosmic Mercy – Enjoy the... Read More

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Threshold - Legends of the Shires

Threshold – Legends of the Shires

Published on 28th August 2017 | by Rob Fisher

There is an exhilarating moment of revelation, approximately three and a half minutes into Stars and Satellites, the fifth track on this new album from Threshold, where the building crescendo in the wall of sound abruptly... Read More

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