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Thumpermonkey – Make Me Young, etc.

Thumpermonkey – Make Me Young, etc.

Published on 7th November 2018 | by Jez Rowden

“Make Me Young, etc. is released on Rockosmos on Friday 26th October 2018 – which coincides with the end of the world. Don’t make no plans.” So says the PR blurb. Whoa! Given that I had... Read More

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Leah - The Quest

LEAH – The Quest

Published on 6th November 2018 | by Professor Mark

Leah McHenry is a Gothic Celtic singer from British Columbia, Canada. I have reviewed her albums in the past so when I found out she had a new album coming out, The Quest, I knew I... Read More

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North Atlantic Oscillation - Grind Show

North Atlantic Oscillation – Grind Show

Published on 5th November 2018 | by Phil Hall

This, from the official press release: “… a dramatic shift into more accessible territory: pop, electronica, rock & even folk elements …” I’ve been honoured and able to call Sam Healy my friend for a couple... Read More

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Public Service Broadcasting - White Star Liner EP

Public Service Broadcasting – White Star Liner [EP]

Published on 4th November 2018 | by Leo Trimming

Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) are in danger of becoming ‘National Treasures’ with their penchant for musically documenting stories from history that resonate with people, whether they are about war time, the Space Race or industrial history.... Read More

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Mark Rowen - Radiance

Mark Rowen – Radiance

Published on 2nd November 2018 | by John Wenlock-Smith

I don’t know but can imagine that, like me, you like nothing better than trawling through boxes and racks of vinyl or piles of CDs in search of the ever elusive and obscure gem nestling tucked... Read More

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Jordsjø - Jordsjø Compilation

Jordsjø – Jordsjø Compilation

Published on 1st November 2018 | by Mel Allen

Jordsjø released their first album to appear on CD, Jord, earlier this year through Karisma Records, and it has become one of my top releases for this year. The band’s previous releases, Jordsjø, Jordsjø II and... Read More

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All Them Witches - ATW

All Them Witches – ATW

Published on 31st October 2018 | by Shawn Dudley

“Now I see it’s high-time for mischief, once again.” All Them Witches have been making glorious mischief all throughout 2018. The past year has seen this once-underground garage band from Nashville making ever larger impact upon... Read More

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Ethernity - The Human Race Extinction

Ethernity – The Human Race Extinction

Published on 30th October 2018 | by Eric Strother

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: a progressive metal band creates an album around the story of a futuristic dystopian world where robots have taken over. That’s the story behind the female-fronted, Belgium-based band Ethernity’s... Read More

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Gordon Giltrap - Heartsongs

Gordon Giltrap – Heartsongs

Published on 29th October 2018 | by John Wenlock-Smith

This is a very different album for me, although I knew of Mr Giltrap and his brilliance on the guitar, somehow I’d never really explored his work much beyond buying the single of Heartsong when it... Read More

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Damanek - In Flight

Damanek – In Flight

Published on 28th October 2018 | by Rob Fisher

As you listen to On Track, the debut album from Damanek, the words and then the sentiment of an arresting lyric jump from the music and instantly capture your attention; “But modern progress overflows and the... Read More

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