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Isaac Volume - Lords

Isaac Vacuum – Lords

Published on 19th April 2017 | by Phil Lively

When I heard the Isaac Vacuum debut EP I knew that the next thing they did would be interesting. I liked it a lot. Whereas the EP was at once dissonant, melodic, metallic, quirky and progressive,... Read More

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ZU - Jhator

ZU – Jhator

Published on 18th April 2017 | by Mel Allen

As a Buddhist, an album that takes inspiration from the ancient, mysterious and often misunderstood Tibetan sky burial intrigued me and I approached this review with interest. Italian trio ZU have been free of genre classification... Read More

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Lonely Robot - The Big Dream

Lonely Robot – The Big Dream

Published on 18th April 2017 | by Kevan Furbank

John Mitchell’s first Lonely Robot album, Please Come Home, was a big hit when it was released in 2015. Some reviewers even whispered – out of Steven Wilson’s earshot, obvs – that it might even be... Read More

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Nick Prol & the Proletarians - Loon Attic

Nick Prol & the Proletarians – Loon Attic

Published on 17th April 2017 | by Roger Trenwith

“Mother, he’s got in again…you know what that means, don’t you?” “Oh Gadzooks, Henry! Not the attic again…I swear to Jehosephat I hid the key well!” “He always finds it, you know that. How, I don’t... Read More

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Alan Reed - Honey on the Razors Edge

Alan Reed – Honey on the Razors Edge

Published on 17th April 2017 | by Rob Fisher

Alan Reed’s enthralling second album takes a little while for the uncomfortably menacing significance of its title to make itself felt and understood. Fiercely passionate and enticingly absorbing, the experience it delivers is brutally uncompromising. Much... Read More

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Plini - Handmade Cities

Plini – Handmade Cities

Published on 16th April 2017 | by Calder Hannan

Plini is a guitarist and composer who manages to carve his own niche in the increasingly saturated instrumental guitar-centric progressive rock/metal genre – no mean feat. His first full-length album, Handmade Cities, is a thoroughly impressive... Read More

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Ocean Mind – Underwater II

Published on 15th April 2017 | by Professor Mark

Greek rockers Ocean Mind returned with a new album in May last year, Underwater II representing a change of sound from the first part of the Underwater collection which was released at the end of 2015.... Read More

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Phil Collins - Not Dead Yet

Phil Collins – Not Dead Yet [Book Review]

Published on 15th April 2017 | by Rob Fisher

Time and public perception have been neither kind nor entirely fair to Phil Collins. A hugely impressive song-writer, musician, performer and (to a lesser extent) actor, his prolific success in the mid ’90s made him an... Read More

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Magenta - We Are Legend

Magenta – We Are Legend

Published on 13th April 2017 | by Leo Trimming

“Mirror your World through my Touch…Set me Free, oh Set me Free” These words, from the song Colours on Magenta’s new We Are Legend album, are about Vincent Van Gogh, but they could also describe the... Read More

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