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AKKU Quintet – Depart

AKKU Quintet – Depart

Published on 9th June 2019 | by Roger Trenwith

AKKU Quintet seem to be part of a modern Swiss tradition of cyclical minimalist music, where the beginning is the end is the beginning. Or if you will, the departure of one theme transposes the arrival... Read More

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Intelligent Music Project IV - Sorcery Inside

Intelligent Music Project IV – Sorcery Inside

Published on 8th June 2019 | by Andrew Halley

Intelligent Music is a Bulgarian production company, established and owned by Milen Vrabevski, MD – composer, musical producer, and patron of the arts. He has overseen the previous three albums of this ilk, which appear to... Read More

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Mediaeval Baebes - A Pocketful Of Posies

Mediæval Bæbes – A Pocketful of Posies

Published on 6th June 2019 | by Phil Lively

The ninth studio album by Mediæval Bæbes, A Pocketful of Posies has been five years in the making for musical director, Katharine Blake. Recorded against a backdrop of tremendous loss, Katharine continued the work she started... Read More

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Seven Steps to the Green Door - The?Lie

Seven Steps to the Green Door – The?Lie

Published on 5th June 2019 | by Rob Fisher

There is an episode in The?Lie which contains one of the most emotionally punishing songs I think I have ever experienced. Certainly, on hearing it for the first time, the sheer force of its brutality stopped... Read More

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Jordan Rudess - Wired For Madness

Jordan Rudess – Wired For Madness

Published on 4th June 2019 | by Andrew Halley

“Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun. Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety-two million miles is an... Read More

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The Progressive Aspect - ADA#28

A Different Aspect #28

Published on 3rd June 2019 | by The Progressive Aspect

In this update we feature: > MetaQuorum – Witchcraft Jazz > Marvin B. Naylor – Bright Blinds > The Samurai of Prog – Archiviarum > Unstoppable Sweeties Show – Bring Kath Her Breamcatcher (The Musical) >... Read More

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DarWin - Origin of Species

DarWin – Origin of Species

Published on 2nd June 2019 | by John Wenlock-Smith

Origin of Species is a concept album that has taken several years to reach fruition and it is a collaboration of talents with a hefty pedigree, comprising the likes of bassist/vocalist Matt Bissonette, drummer extraordinaire Simon... Read More

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Edge of Reality - In Static

Edge of Reality – In Static

Published on 27th May 2019 | by Basil Francis

In a stunning coincidence, I just threw out some mouldy banana bread during the writing of this review… Joey Frevola himself assured me that the new Edge of Reality album would be far-removed from his orchestral... Read More

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Obiymy Doschu - COH (Son Dream)

Obiymy Doschu – Coh

Published on 24th May 2019 | by Bob Mulvey

Obiymy Doschu (Обійми Дощу), translates to ‘Rain’s Embrace’, so I was led to believe, although literal translations can sometimes be misleading or even incorrect. So Google translate would suggest a permutation, Embrace The Rain. It matters... Read More

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