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Elk Minister - Capricorn

Elk Minister – Capricorn

Published on 14th January 2018 | by Jez Rowden

There are artists, there are conceptual artists, and then there is Elk Minister, a man on the cusp of a year in which he plans to release 26 albums – yes, that’s one every two weeks!... Read More

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Mabel Greer's Toyshop - The Secret

Mabel Greer’s Toyshop – The Secret

Published on 13th January 2018 | by John Wenlock-Smith

This is an odd but somewhat intriguing album in many respects as this is the latest album from the band that evolved in 1968 to become Yes. They have since reconvened and started to record again,... Read More

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GRICE - The Grey of Granite Stone EP

GRICE – The Grey of Granite Stone EP

Published on 12th January 2018 | by Roger Trenwith

Grice Peters returns, some two and a half years after his thoughtful and impressive LP Alexandrine with a little teaser of an EP that bodes well for a forthcoming long player. Describing himself on the Bandcamp... Read More

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Mildlife - Phase

Mildlife – Phase

Published on 12th January 2018 | by Basil Francis

Melbourne-based four-piece band Mildlife enter the scene with their debut album Phase, drawing on such diverse influences as jazz, disco and psychedelic rock to create a heady and truly intoxicating concoction. The opening track and lead... Read More

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Perfect Beings – Vier

Perfect Beings – Vier

Published on 11th January 2018 | by Friedrich Kunzmann

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise, as both of the previous albums by L.A. based Prog-Rock outfit Perfect Beings were mature in sound and execution with highly original compositions, but third outing, Vier, leaves this... Read More

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Galahad - Seas Of Change

Galahad – Seas Of Change

Published on 10th January 2018 | by Leo Trimming

Well, a BIG subject sometimes just deserves a BIG treatment, and in modern day Britain there is no issue currently BIGGER than the contentious issue of ‘BREXIT’. Galahad have bravely decided to plunge head on into... Read More

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Kayak - Seventeen

Kayak – Seventeen

Published on 9th January 2018 | by Kevan Furbank

Imagine, if you will, David Bowie crossed with the Electric Light Orchestra and Foreigner, performing songs from a deranged prog-rock version of Phantom Of The Opera. Welcome to the seventeenth and possibly best studio album by... Read More

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Flying Circus - Starlight Clearing - 25 Live

Flying Circus – Starlight Clearing / 25 Live

Published on 8th January 2018 | by Basil Francis

And now for something completely different… “Communiqué number one. Allied naval forces, supported by strong air forces began landing Allied armies this morning on the northern coast of France.” At first, it struck me as odd... Read More

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Intervals - The Way Forward

Intervals – The Way Forward

Published on 6th January 2018 | by Rob Fisher

I remember well the first time I heard the debut album from Liquid Tension Experiment. An explosive wall of sound fizzing with life, carrying a high energy surge of technical musical brilliance and delivering insane levels... Read More

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Aqua Fragile - A New Chant

Acqua Fragile – A New Chant

Published on 5th January 2018 | by Ananth Krishnan

A New Chant is that perfect excuse to take a little walk down memory lane, an unmissable excuse to wipe the dust off those old CDs that represented the golden era of Italian Progressive rock, to... Read More

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