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Amplifier - Trippin' With Dr. Faustus

Amplifier – Trippin’ With Dr. Faustus

Published on 6th June 2018 | by Leo Trimming

A Deal with the Devil is the central theme to the Christopher Marlowe play ‘Dr.Faustus’, and Amplifier main man Sel Balamir in his inimitable style explores the relationship between Man and the ’ultimate baddy’ in their... Read More

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The Monks of Doom - The Brontë Pin

The Monks of Doom – The Brontë Pin

Published on 30th May 2018 | by Roger Trenwith

A band hitherto unknown to me, The Monks of Doom are an intermittently active American collective formed in 1986 as a harder edged spin-off from indie stalwarts Camper van Beethoven, and here they offload their first... Read More

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C:Live Collective - The Age of Insanity

C:Live Collective – The Age of Insanity

Published on 29th May 2018 | by Leo Trimming

This is an age in which a mendacious, manipulative manchild lunatic has taken over the Asylum whilst elsewhere a blackened, ruined stump of a Tower shamefully overshadows a nation that’s lost its moral compass, amidst the... Read More

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Arena - Double Vision

Arena – Double Vision

Published on 25th May 2018 | by Magnus Moar

2018 sees Arena return with their ninth studio album, as well as a tour to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their excellent The Visitor. Arena are now three albums into their comeback with singer Paul Manzi,... Read More

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Gazpacho - Soyuz

Gazpacho – Soyuz

Published on 24th May 2018 | by Leo Trimming

Gazpacho return with Soyuz, their tenth studio album since 2003. There really is no band quite like these Norwegian artists, distinctive, moving and haunting, each new release imbued with their unique brand of ambitious music, full... Read More

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Sonja Kristina – Anthology

Sonja Kristina – Anthology

Published on 21st May 2018 | by Zachary Nathanson

This 2-CD set consists of Sonja Kristina’s career outside of her work with both Curved Air and Mask, containing not just her solo work but various releases that she’s been involved with beyond the two bands,... Read More

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