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Ostura - The Room

Ostura – The Room

Published on 4th October 2018 | by Professor Mark

Lebanese progressive metal rockers Ostura has been one of my best discoveries this year and The Room is a fine concept album. This is the band’s sophomore album, their debut, Ashes of the Reborn, having been... Read More

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Potter's Daughter – The Blind Side

Potter’s Daughter – The Blind Side

Published on 3rd October 2018 | by John Wenlock-Smith

This is the debut album from new U.S. progressive rock outfit Potter’s Daughter, and I have to says it’s a truly delightful album too. It’s also very different to the normal fare that passes for Prog... Read More

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Shan - Confessions

Shan – Confessions

Published on 2nd October 2018 | by Tony Colvill

Three minutes or thirty-three, it matters not; what matters is the quality of the end product, not the air time. Shan have produced quality, variable in style with bluesy rock and church organ, all layered, cultured,... Read More

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inFictions – Vanity Project

inFictions – Vanity Project

Published on 30th September 2018 | by Roger Trenwith

Post-rock is a chameleon. It means different things to different folk. To some it all stems from the “less is more” school of minimalist and fragile songwriting pioneered, invented even by the uniquely talented Talk Talk,... Read More

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Neon High - You

Neon High – You

Published on 29th September 2018 | by Professor Mark

From Victoria, British Columbia, Neon High is a collaboration between singer/songwriter Kat Selah and multi-instrumentalist/composer Jon Baglo.  I found their new album, You, to be immediately enthralling, getting off to a warm and relaxing start with... Read More

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Evening Optimist - Volume One

Evening Optimist – Volume One

Published on 26th September 2018 | by Professor Mark

I found Evening Optimist in the progressive section of the website, but their bio likens them to The Black Crowes so I had to hear what that would sound like. Well, the sound of the... Read More

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Voivod - The Wake

Voivod – The Wake

Published on 25th September 2018 | by Shawn Dudley

“Their bio states they’re from Canada, but they sound like they’re from another planet.” This is more or less the thought that came into my head when I blind-purchased Dimension Hatröss in 1988. I was expecting... Read More

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