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Hi-Fiction Science ~ Curious Yellow

Hi Fiction Science – Curious Yellow

Published on 13th June 2014 | by Roger Trenwith

The second album from Bristolian acid-folk-psych-rock outfit Hi Fiction Science has landed on my virtual doormat, and I am looking forward to more of their ethereal floating seeds of psychedelic whimsy. Three years ago their self-titled... Read More

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Kaukasus ~ I

Kaukasus – I

Published on 11th June 2014 | by Roger Trenwith

A curious stylistic mix that possibly tries to cover too many prog bases, from the bombastic prog of Lift The Memory to the unsettling ambient soundscapes of Starlit Motion, this album sounds like a fleeting meeting... Read More

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Jack Bruce ~ Silver Rails

Jack Bruce – Silver Rails

Published on 31st May 2014 | by Roger Trenwith

Now over 70, Jack Bruce still plays live fairly regularly, and here presents us with his first solo record in over ten years. Anything but tired, these are ten cracking new songs that fans and newcomers... Read More

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Delusion Squared ~ The Final Delusion

Delusion Squared – The Final Delusion

Published on 30th May 2014 | by Brian McAllister

Do you read the sleeve notes before listening to an album? I never do before my first listen, which is just as well as far as this offering, the third from French trio Delusion Squared, is... Read More

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Jon And Vangelis ~ Page Of Life

Jon And Vangelis – Page Of Life

Published on 30th May 2014 | by Basil Francis

With the advent of compact discs, the generation of musicians used to the vinyl format were having a crisis of faith. First and foremost, artists were unsure how much to use the new space afforded to... Read More

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IQ ~ The Road To Bones

IQ – The Road of Bones

Published on 29th May 2014 | by Jez Rowden

The IQ cycle of 4 or 5 years between albums which has been their preferred mode for the last two decades continues with The Road of Bones, their first new music since 2009’s Frequency. That was... Read More

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Jeff Green ~ Elder Creek

Jeff Green Project – Elder Creek

Published on 26th May 2014 | by Bob Mulvey

Like many, I first came across Jeff Green a few years back with the release of his debut solo album Jessica, his heartfelt musical tribute for the loss of his daughter. His second album Elder Creek... Read More

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Billy Bottle & The Multiple ~ Unrecorded Beam

Billy Bottle & The Multiple – Unrecorded Beam

Published on 18th May 2014 | by Roger Trenwith

Billy Bottle is a pianist and multi-instrumentalist, best known as a member of jazz luminary Mike Westbrook’s Big Band. Billy’s own occasional group The Multiple is led by the accomplished vocals of Martine Waltier and the... Read More

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Resistor ~ To The Stars

Resistor – To The Stars

Published on 12th May 2014 | by Brian McAllister

Much to my regret, Resistor is a band which had completely evaded my musical radar until I heard a 14 minute epic track which their main man, Steve Unruh contributed to The Samurai Of Prog album... Read More

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Sontaag - Sontaag

Sontaag – Sontaag

Published on 10th May 2014 | by Jez Rowden

The self-titled début album from Sontaag is a concept piece that sees the core duo of Richard Sontaag (composition and instruments) and Ian Fortnam (words and voice) helped out here and there by drummer Milo Venter... Read More

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