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Neil Campbell - Tabula Rasa Suite

Neil Campbell – Tabula Rasa Suite

Published on 4th January 2015 | by Bob Mulvey

It has been a decade since I first discovered the music of gifted Liverpudlian composer and guitarist Neil Campbell, a journey which began in 2005 with the release of The Neil Campbell Collective’s 3 O’Clock Sky.... Read More

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Captain Cougar - Åkerblomrörelsen

Captain Cougar – Åkerblomrörelsen

Published on 26th December 2014 | by Bob Mulvey

In the autumn we received Kivenpyörittäjä, a splendid album from Finnish composer and keyboard player Juha Kujanpää. As I greatly enjoyed and therefore favourably reviewed the music, I was intrigued when a few days after the... Read More

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Marillion - A Collection Of Recycled Gifts

Marillion – A Collection Of Recycled Gifts

Published on 24th December 2014 | by Tony Colvill

Yes, it’s a Christmas album, but bear with me, it’s a Marillion Christmas Album, now read on… A Collection Of Recycled Gifts is a collection of Christmas songs that Marillion have released to their fans over... Read More

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Sky - Sky / Sky 2

Sky – Sky / Sky 2

Published on 23rd December 2014 | by Jez Rowden

In 1979 I was just starting along my musical journey, mainly interested in soundtracks and classical music, the latter thanks to my Mother’s preferred listening, and Sky were a band that piqued my interest. I heard... Read More

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Happy Family – Minimal Gods

Happy Family – Minimal Gods

Published on 21st December 2014 | by Roger Trenwith

Happy Family are a long running if hardly prolific band from Japan, who are well respected members of that country’s singular RIO scene. Minimal Gods is only the band’s third album since 1995’s self-titled debut, having... Read More

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Soen - Tellurian

Soen – Tellurian

Published on 15th December 2014 | by Dave Baird

I have to admit that I had no idea who Soen were and had passed by the promo invitation on the assumption that they were a regular metal band. Fortunately though the promoter challenged my pre-conception... Read More

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