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Tangerine Dream - Particles

Tangerine Dream – Particles

Published on 16th August 2017 | by John Wenlock-Smith

Tangerine Dream were the fourth band I saw live, way back in October 1975 At Birmingham Town Hall on the Ricochet tour. Three German men in their early 30s played strange banks of keyboards in semi... Read More

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Doris Brendel & Lee Dunham – Eclectica

Doris Brendel & Lee Dunham – Eclectica

Published on 15th August 2017 | by Tony Colvill

The follow-up to 2015’s Upside Down World, Eclectica features a similar pattern of songs with musical interludes. Whereas for the last album these extra pieces were all individual, this time the interludes are both separate pieces... Read More

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Gentle Knife – Clock Unwound

Gentle Knife – Clock Unwound

Published on 14th August 2017 | by Mel Allen

Norwegian progressive rock collective Gentle Knife return with Clock Unwound, the follow-up to their self-titled debut released in 2015. This currently eleven strong ensemble have made some slight changes to their line-up since the first album... Read More

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Bubblemath - Edit Peptide

Bubblemath – Edit Peptide

Published on 13th August 2017 | by Jez Rowden

I recently watched a BBC documentary about bubbles. Fascinating. The mathematical properties inherent within the humble soap bubble are simply mind boggling. Also boggling are the bewildering skills and attention to detail that Bubblemath bring to... Read More

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Prescott – Thing Or Two

Prescott – Thing Or Two

Published on 12th August 2017 | by Roger Trenwith

I was first drawn to this band by learning of the origins of their name, obvious from the cover of their first album, One Did, released back in 2014. Any band that names themselves after Hull’s... Read More

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Kim Seviour - Recovery is Learning

Kim Seviour – Recovery is Learning

Published on 11th August 2017 | by Rob Fisher

White Star Records are currently riding the energetic crest of an impressively creative wave. After the release of Kepler Ten’s blistering debut album Delta-V in February, co-founders John Mitchell and Chris Hillman made the supremely shrewd... Read More

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Arve Henriksen - Towards Language

Arve Henriksen – Towards Language

Published on 9th August 2017 | by Roger Trenwith

An integral part of Norway’s burgeoning modern ambient jazz and avant improvisational scene, Arve Henriksen is also a long-time member of near mythical avant improv group Supersilent. Towards Language is his ninth solo album, and he... Read More

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The Samurai of Prog - On We Sail

The Samurai of Prog – On We Sail

Published on 8th August 2017 | by Professor Mark

The fifth album from The Samurai of Prog, On We Sail is full of progressive music and lyrical journeys, this time on wild ocean, rivers and dangerous seas. The core members of The Samurai of Prog... Read More

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Gaudi - Magnetic

Gaudi – Magnetic

Published on 5th August 2017 | by Roger Trenwith

Daniele Gaudi is an Italian musician, producer, and composer who since 1995 has been based in London. He has released some 17 albums, mostly under his own name but occasionally using pseudonyms, making his debut with... Read More

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