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Third Quadrant - Re Generator

Third Quadrant – re:generator

Published on 26th March 2017 | by Tony Colvill

From the first sonar-like ping to the last note, Third Quadrant’s 2016 album re:generator holds your attention, with a vocal style not dissimilar to Paul McCartney (at his best), and the modern prog interpretation of Dave... Read More

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A Formal Horse - Made in Chelsea

A Formal Horse – Made In Chelsea [EP]

Published on 26th March 2017 | by Jez Rowden

Atomic Rooster. Trojan Horse. Henry Cow. Er, Canned Goat? I may just have made that last one up but farmyard-related band names appear surprisingly thin on the ground. Bucking that trend (ahem…), please trot forward, in... Read More

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ORk - Soul of an Octopus

O.R.k. – Soul of an Octopus

Published on 25th March 2017 | by Roger Trenwith

Two years after their first album, Inflamed Rides, this rather thrilling gathering of enquiring musical like-minds return with Soul Of An Octopus, their first for the always interesting Rare Noise label, and it seems that no... Read More

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Once and Future Band - Once & Future Band

Once and Future Band – Once and Future Band

Published on 25th March 2017 | by Professor Mark

I forget now where I read about the Once and Future Band, but I was very interested in reviewing their self-titled album, released in January this year. The author made comparisons in the article, to Queen... Read More

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Beatrix Players - Magnified

Beatrix Players – Magnified

Published on 24th March 2017 | by Mel Allen

Beatrix Players are a London-based female trio, comprising Amanda Alvarez, Jess Kennedy and Amy Birks. They have been described as combining elements of Folk, Jazz, Progressive and Classical music, citing influences as diverse as Michael Nyman... Read More

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Thinking Plague - Hope Against Hope

Thinking Plague – Hoping Against Hope

Published on 21st March 2017 | by Roger Trenwith

It has been over four years since the relentlessly foreboding Decline and Fall, and Colorado state’s favourite avant rock collective, the marvellously uncompromising Thinking Plague, are back, this time dredging optimism from the depths of black... Read More

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La Bocca della Verità – Avenoth

La Bocca della Verità – Avenoth

Published on 19th March 2017 | by Roger Trenwith

I have had this album a while, and it was only thanks to a Facebook friend raving about it that I remembered it, and it was a darn good thing I did, I can tell you.... Read More

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