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Nad Sylvan - The Bride Says No

Nad Sylvan – The Bride Said No

Published on 26th May 2017 | by Kevan Furbank

Well, shiver me timbers and splice the mainbrace (whatever that is). Our favourite pirate-cum-vampire, Nad Sylvan, has risen from the grave with another cracking musical collection that shows he’s more than just a heavily made-up face.... Read More

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Mellow Diamond - American God

Mellow Diamond – American God

Published on 24th May 2017 | by Roger Trenwith

Based in Washington DC, Janel Leppin-Pirog already has one album and a couple of EPs to her name, and an earlier album as a duo with Anthony Pirog, now her husband. Confusingly, her one previous album... Read More

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Patto - Patto & Hold Your Fire

Patto – Patto/Hold Your Fire

Published on 21st May 2017 | by Roger Trenwith

Like most “underground” bands of the turn of the ’60s into the ’70s, Patto emerged butterfly-like from the chrysalis of an earlier pop group. Timebox were a band who specialised in dance-orientated Motown and R&B covers,... Read More

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Promenade – Noi al dir di Noi

Promenade – Noi al dir di Noi

Published on 19th May 2017 | by Roger Trenwith

This Italian band, from Genoa, play a hectic mix containing all the correct prog influences, that on the frantic opening mini-epic Athletics sounds like Yes on a potent mix of uppers and Viagra. With its manic... Read More

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Sacred Ape - Sacred Ape


Published on 17th May 2017 | by Phil Lively

I may be using genres to describe music in this review… If you’re not familiar with John Bassett then you are missing out on a prolific and varied output in a number of guises from this... Read More

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Arcane Atlas - Metris

Arcane Atlas – Metris

Published on 16th May 2017 | by John Wenlock-Smith

Arcane Atlas are a band from Brentwood, Tennessee in the U.S.A. and this is their second album. It features five songs, the opening Metris Tsemär being a 26-minute conceptual piece about a dictator of that name... Read More

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Mastelotto Reuter - FACE

Pat Mastelotto & Markus Reuter – FACE

Published on 15th May 2017 | by Roger Trenwith

In my long experience of modern prog I have come to the conclusion that there are three variants that apply in the vast majority of cases when one is presented with the long form piece. “What... Read More

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