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Gazpacho - Soyuz

Gazpacho – Soyuz

Published on 24th May 2018 | by Leo Trimming

Gazpacho return with Soyuz, their tenth studio album since 2003. There really is no band quite like these Norwegian artists, distinctive, moving and haunting, each new release imbued with their unique brand of ambitious music, full... Read More

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Sonja Kristina – Anthology

Sonja Kristina – Anthology

Published on 21st May 2018 | by Zachary Nathanson

This 2-CD set consists of Sonja Kristina’s career outside of her work with both Curved Air and Mask, containing not just her solo work but various releases that she’s been involved with beyond the two bands,... Read More

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TFATD - The Euphoric

The Fierce And The Dead – The Euphoric

Published on 18th May 2018 | by Phil Lively

It feels as if there’s way more Fierce and Dead music around than their discography would suggest. This is only the third studio album by the critically acclaimed and very hard working The Fierce And The... Read More

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Damo Suzuki Network – Damo Suzuki & Jelly Planet

Damo Suzuki Network – Damo Suzuki & Jelly Planet

Published on 15th May 2018 | by Zachary Nathanson

It’s been 50 years since Can burst through the floodgates, bringing the genres of Electronica, Experimental, Avant-Garde, Minimal, Musique-Concrete and Ambient music to the forefront in what would be known as Krautrock, or in the late... Read More

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Bobby Previte – Rhapsody

Published on 13th May 2018 | by Roger Trenwith

Bobby Previte is a respected drummer and composer, working mostly in modern jazz oriented fields, although that only begins to scratch at the surface of his work. Rhapsody continues his Terminals trilogy on the subject of... Read More

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My Indigo - My Indigo

My Indigo – My Indigo

Published on 10th May 2018 | by Rob Fisher

There are times when people, actions and events come together in such a way that we are simply forced to stop, step back, take stock and have a good, long, hard look at ourselves, at what... Read More

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Midas Fall - Evaporate

Midas Fall – Evaporate

Published on 9th May 2018 | by Mel Allen

One of the pleasures of reviewing is when you discover an album by a band you were not previously aware of and they blow you away. Having recently returned from a holiday in Edinburgh, and feeling... Read More

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Octopus - Supernatural Alliance

Octopus – Supernatural Alliance

Published on 7th May 2018 | by Zachary Nathanson

Rise Above Records have been on my radar since discovering the label nearly ten years ago in the very first issue of PROG magazine, with bands like Blood Ceremony, Astra, Purson, Electric Wizard, Beastmaker, Uncle Acid... Read More

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