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TFATD - Live USA 17

The Fierce & The Dead – Live USA 17

Published on 17th November 2019 | by Rosamund 'Pandarosa' Tomlins

The ever-varying portfolio of The Fierce & The Dead is nicely complemented by this live album, recorded on 7th May 2017, at RoSfest (Rites of Spring Progressive Rock Festival) in Gettysburg, PA. It collects selected tracks... Read More

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Henry Cow

Henry Cow – Cow Box Redux

Published on 16th November 2019 | by Roger Trenwith

This combination of the two volumes of The Road box, both originally released to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Henry Cow in 2008, comes ten years later (sort of… ) as a 50th anniversary celebration of... Read More

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Adventure – New Horizon

Adventure – New Horizon

Published on 15th November 2019 | by Alex Driessen

Adventure, a prog band from Trondheim, Norway, recently released their fourth album, New Horizon, on Apollon Records and sub-label Artemis Prog Records. Adventure was founded in 1995 by guitarist Terje Flessen and keyboardist Odd-Roar Bakken, while... Read More

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Telepath - Mental Mutations

Telepath – Mental Mutations

Published on 11th November 2019 | by Mel Allen

Norwegian-Israeli multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, engineer and producer Jacob Holm-Lupo is well known for his work with White Willow and The Opium Cartel, as well as his remastering work for other artists. Telepath can be regarded as a... Read More

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Eiemel - Eiemel

Eiemel – Eiemel

Published on 5th November 2019 | by Graham Thomas

So who or what are Eiemel? Eiemel is the name of what is essentially a solo project of one Ariel Martin Loza, an Argentinian musician who’s best known as being the ex-bassist in symphonic prog band... Read More

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Darkroom – The Noise Is Unrest

Darkroom – The Noise Is Unrest

Published on 1st November 2019 | by Roger Trenwith

There is less time than there used to be. In these days of constant demands on our waking hours, instant communications, the endless frantic rush, it is hard to find the time to sit down and... Read More

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AVA - Waves

AVA – Waves

Published on 31st October 2019 | by Bob Mulvey

By way of an introduction, AVA are violinist Anna Phoebe and pianist Aisling Brouwer who collectively released their stunning debut album, Waves, in July of this year. Although written against the farcical Brexit debacle, the music... Read More

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