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Tim Blake - Caldea Music II

Tim Blake – Caldea Music II

Published on 25th November 2017 | by Basil Francis

My wife and I have quite opposite views on how one should go on holiday. I like to be up at 8AM, out the door by 9AM, and doing as much as the day allows when... Read More

Album Reissues

Michael McGear - Woman

Michael McGear – Woman

Published on 19th November 2017 | by Basil Francis

For a few years now, Esoteric has been widening its furrows, letting in much more than what the average fan might consider “progressive rock”. I sometimes worry that they are straying too far from their original... Read More

Album Reissues

Rick Waleman - Art in Music Trilogy

Rick Wakeman – Art In Music Trilogy

Published on 6th November 2017 | by John Wenlock-Smith

This is a 2017 Esoteric remastered reissue of three albums that made up the ‘Art in Music Trilogy’ from 1999, these were The Sculptor, The Artist and Sketches, and although each stands alone they are thematically... Read More

Album Reissues

Touch – Touch

Published on 30th August 2017 | by Basil Francis

When searching for your next prog fix, you can never tell when you’ll uncover a true gem. You certainly can’t expect it to come from a tiny record shop in Bayswater priced at a measly £5.... Read More

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