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Clear Blue Sky - Clear Blue Sky

Clear Blue Sky – Clear Blue Sky

Published on 29th July 2017 | by Roger Trenwith

Another release from rock’s lesser known back pages by Esoteric Recordings, and another raid on my Vertigo spiral collection gives me a chance to wax lyrical over the self-titled album by Clear Blue Sky, which was... Read More

CD Reissues

Tim Blake - The Tide Of The Century

Tim Blake – The Tide of the Century

Published on 28th July 2017 | by Basil Francis

Tim Blake is back! Or at least he was at the turn of the millennium. In fact, besides 1991’s Magick, Blake’s discography had been dormant ever since 1978’s Blake’s New Jerusalem. Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon to... Read More

CD Reissues

Little Free Rock – Little Free Rock

Published on 7th June 2017 | by Basil Francis

Think 1969, and you’ll be thinking of the genesis (pardon me) of many great prog acts, some might even say the progressive movement in general. Unfortunately, Little Free Rock was not to become one of these... Read More

CD Reissues

Quiet World - The Road

Quiet World – The Road

Published on 30th May 2017 | by Basil Francis

Esoteric have a knack for finding the most obscure records that only bear a passing resemblance or connection to progressive rock. At first glance, The Road seems like an overblown religious folk concept album. And even... Read More

CD Reissues

Patto - Patto & Hold Your Fire

Patto – Patto/Hold Your Fire

Published on 21st May 2017 | by Roger Trenwith

Like most “underground” bands of the turn of the ’60s into the ’70s, Patto emerged butterfly-like from the chrysalis of an earlier pop group. Timebox were a band who specialised in dance-orientated Motown and R&B covers,... Read More

CD Reissues

Renaissance Illusion - Through The Fire

Renaissance Illusion – Through the Fire

Published on 9th May 2017 | by Rob Fisher

A graceful serenity peacefully descends as you listen to Through the Fire. The hectic sounds of life’s frenetic bustle gradually fade to a distant murmur, replaced by the gentle embrace of a calming, tranquil spirit which... Read More

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