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Album Reissues

Sanguine Hum - Live In America

Sanguine Hum – Live In America

Published on 9th October 2014 | by Bob Mulvey

Prior to their ROSfest performance in 2012, Sanguine Hum had recently signed to the Esoteric Antenna label, (a division of Esoteric Recordings/Cherry Red Records), for the release of the Diving Bell (12) album and it therefore... Read More

Album Reissues

John Cale & Terry Riley - Church Of Anthrax

John Cale & Terry Riley – Church Of Anthrax

Published on 6th September 2014 | by Roger Trenwith

Esoteric Recordings continue to live up to their name with this reissue of the seminal 1971 release resulting from earlier recordings made by two prime movers in the 1960s avant-garde scene. John Cale, not long out... Read More

Album Reissues

Neil's Heavy Concept Album

Neil’s Heavy Concept Album

Published on 31st August 2014 | by Bob Mulvey

As Neil’s Heavy Concept Album had been unavailable for many years the Esoteric Recordings (Cherry Red Records) team took it upon themselves to restore this missing whimsical oddment and along with the customary re-mastering this reissue... Read More

Album Reissues

Rick Wakeman - Softsword

Rick Wakeman – Softsword

Published on 15th August 2014 | by Bob Mulvey

As with previous Rick Wakeman’s works, Softsword takes its concept from medieval English history and here the inspiration is drawn from the life of King John and the events surrounding the signing of the Magna Carta. The album title... Read More

Album Reissues

Vezhlivy Otkaz – Geranium

Vezhlivy Otkaz – Geranium

Published on 11th August 2014 | by Roger Trenwith

I have here before me an album originally released in 2002, then re-released in 2013 with a bonus DVD of live performances taken from a 2006 TV performance and elsewhere, and now being given distribution by... Read More

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