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Greenslade - Bedside Manners Are Extra [Remastered]

Greenslade – Bedside Manners Are Extra [Remastered]

Published on 4th July 2019 | by Leo Trimming

Bedside Manners Are Extra by Greenslade is another beautifully packaged re-release of a classic album from Esoteric Recordings, who pride themselves on curating high-quality reissues of material from earlier times. This was Greenslade’s second album, originally... Read More

Album Reissues

Ruphus - New Born Day

Ruphus – New Born Day

Published on 18th March 2019 | by Mel Allen

During my time reviewing albums I have become very interested in the great music being produced by the Norwegian music scene, therefore when I saw this reissue album by the Seventies band Ruphus my curiosity was... Read More

Album Reissues

Semisonic - Feeling Strangely Fine

Semisonic – Feeling Strangely Fine

Published on 14th February 2019 | by Tony Colvill

1998. To me another period where the manufactured music seemed to take over the airwaves, so the arrival of Semisonic with Closing Time was a godsend; nothing to do with my alternative residence of the pub,... Read More

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