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Published on 1st March 2014

Latest Resistor album out now

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After some two years of recording and mixing Steve Unruh reveals that the latest Resistor album will start shipping early next week…


They’re here! After 2 years in the recording studio and mixing room, and considerable graphic artwork by Sixten, Resistor’s 4th studio album finally exists in beautiful physical CD form. SteveUnruh.com is now accepting pre-orders, which will ship on the official release date March 4. The “Buy a CD” page at the website also contains a link to hear a 3-minute audio trailer, highlighting bits of several of the album’s 8 tunes.

I’m literally breathing a big sigh of relief/accomplishment as I type this, as this album has been SO long in the making. Now the four of us eagerly await people’s reviews and reactions, hoping that listeners love it as much as we do!

-Steve and the gang

01. To The Stars (11:46)
02. Random Values (2:58)
03. I, Of The Hurricane (4:33)
04. Train to Tucana (7:08)
05. Atlantis’ Final Flight (6:07)
06. Little Lie (5:20)
07. AnnihilExcavation (8:37)
08. The Boy With His Brain Out In Space (12:51)

Rob Winslow: Bass Guitar
Barry Farrands: Drums & Backing Vocals
Fran Turner: Guitar
Steve Unruh: Guitar, Vocals, Violin & flute

Released by: Independent
Release: 01 March 2014

Main Website: Steve Unruh
Social Media: Facebook


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